When and how did you know you wanted to pursue graphic design? I'm taking a course at school and have a paid internship, I'm just scared of pursuing it in the future. I'm a big fan of your girlfriend and I'm becoming a fan of you and your work. Thanks!

I used to always draw when I was young. I knew I always wanted to be involved into art somehow when I was older. I became addicted to being on photoshop/ illustrator / etc, as i got older practicing and studying everyday. My advice to you is if you want to pursue and be a graphic designer, Study and practice everyday. There are so many tutorials online. School is also a option but it is def not necessary. I also do not really enjoy “Graphic design”. Me personally, I like to be different, I want to be known for my artwork, not necessary for my client work. I get bored with client work at times, because it tends to become stressful on doing what the client wants. As that continues it becomes more about the money not the art.  Takes away from the creativeness in some ways. But Graphic design is a great career to take, with technology growing, Someone or company always needs something done. Everywhere you look is graphic design!